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A Rare Media Occurrence: A Newspaper Apologizes! by Clarene Mitchell

Posted:June 10, 2016 | Tags: politics, print, newspapers, media

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!...a newspaper issued an apology!

My first newspaper article was published in 1990. Needless to say, I have long been a news media enthusiast. So I was very surprised by an article published by the Shepherd Express.

The headline for the article is simply, We Apologize and the byline is attributed to Shepherd Express Staff. They stated in caps, "WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO YOU, OUR READERS.”

The reason for their apology was inconsequential to me, I am more...

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Major Newspapers Make the News for their Boldness

Posted:February 27, 2017 | Tags: Democracy, newspapers, New York Times, Washington Post, The Truth is Hard, Democracy Dies in Darkness, Freedom of the press, media

(Photo credit: robertfeder.com - Chicago news boxes)

*This article was originally published Feb 23 2017 on LinkedIn and featured Feb 25 2017 as a LinkedIn Editor's Picks.*

New York Times and Washington Post Resist Fake News

The media is under attack. With the surge of #fakenews and #alternativefacts, as well as relentless criticism directly from the #WhiteHouse by President Donald Trump, traditional news outlets are having to defend and protect their industry.

Both @TheNewYorkTimes and...

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Arguing the Value of an All-Black Press

Posted:August 2, 2017 | Tags: Black Media, Newspapers, Journalism, Black Press, Freedom's Journal, Black Newspapers, Soldier's Without Swords

*Article originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of A Women's Thing magazine, edited by Rachel Hurn and Erin Wright*

In 1827, America viewed and treated Blacks as second class citizens. Advance the calendar to 2017. The status of African Americans has improved in some regards, but stark disparities remain and continue to worsen. The 2016 presidential election included a candidate whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” but truth be told, America has never been great for...

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