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Simplicity Patterns' 'Hidden Figures' Ad Rips-Off History

Posted:January 14, 2017 | Tags: PR, Marketing, Hidden Figures, Black History, Public Relations

At the dawn of a new year, we see the continuation of racial divides in America. These divides continue to persist in seemingly in every aspect of society, in some cases the divides seem to be widening. These divides despairingly impact and discredits African Americans. One such case is the noticeable absence of African Americans in the advertising world. No doubt, this lack of representation made it possible for Simplicity to promote a new pattern honoring the vintage styles seen in the...

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Rosa Parks Commemoration Marred by Milwaukee Bus System PR Blunders

Posted:January 14, 2017 | Tags: PR, Marketing, Black History, Civil Rights, Rosa Parks, Public Relations

*The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) honored the legacy of Rosa Parks, a civil rights icon, on December 1, 2016.  Each bus in their fleet had a seat reserved in her honor and their headlights shined all day.  As someone who appreciates history and as a PR professional, I was intrigued by the pre-event media I saw regarding this: Honoring Rosa Parks: MCTS will keep a seat open, headlights shining on Thursday.

I was very glad I caught the news story on my social media newsfeed the...

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