Hopefully many of the 642,000 LinkedIn users in the Greater Milwaukee area read the "No tuning out LinkedIn" article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspapers today.


As noted in the article, LinkedIn is the must-have social media platform for professionals. Having a paper resume and just calling people on the phone are outdated business techniques. Having a LinkedIn profile gives job seekers, and those seeking to professionally network, a modern day edge. According to the article, LinkedIn is a great business tool to find new customers, employers and employees, as well as maintain business connections.

Key take away points from the article includes:
•LinkedIn profiles allows job seekers a platform to showcase their work experience.
•Job seekers can follow companies they are interested in and search for employment opportunities.
•LinkedIn allows professionals to keep up-to-date on their connections; job changes, promotions, educational gains, awards, etc.
•Professionals can give their LinkedIn connections pats on the back.
•Recruiters can search job candidates and checkout profiles to narrow the pool of qualified candidates.
•Business to business (B2B) communication on LinkedIn can lead to increased business opportunities and outcomes.

Many are becoming LinkedIn converts, most notably baby boomers. Yet I believe it is still a key professional resource that many users are underutilizing. As a communications professional, I believe I initially started out with a pretty solid LinkedIn profile. But I too was guilty of underutilizing it.

I wouldn't describe myself as being an advanced LinkedIn user, but my profile definitely can not be described as basic . My LinkedIn expertise changed when I attended one of Wayne Breitbarth's LinkedIn workshops. If you are not connected with him on LinkedIn; do so now. If you have never attended one of his workshops; make doing so a priority. Breithbarth is a Milwaukee-based LinkedIn guru and the author of the book, "The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success." If you don't have this book, get it and start mastering the concepts he lays out in a very user-friendly style.

Attending the LinkedIn workshop opened my eyes to the many features that LinkedIn has, the many bells and whistles that help to elevate ones profile. After the workshop I became obsessed with exploring LinkedIn and incorporating as much as I could to my profile. This included adding the logos for my employers and college, hyperlinks, videos and other features.

There are 414 million LinkedIn users in the world. How does your profile compare to those in your industry?

As was stated in the article by Nick Gartmann, a partner with Milwaukee based software contractor RokkinCat, LLC, "Like any social media platform...you have to participate heavily in it to get big value from it."