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What will your career legacy be?

Posted:November 18, 2017 | Tags: career, Work, SNL, legacy, Saturday Night Live

(I originally published this article November 10, 2017 on LinkedIn.}

Did you catch the Career Retrospective skit on Saturday Night Live last night? SNL describes the skit as:

A man's (Larry David) lifetime achievement award is called into question after some of his earlier work is shown.

In case you missed the show, here's the skit.

Although the skit's lead character is a marketing guy who gained prominence in his field based on a career of edgy ads, it provided some food for thought...

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Milwaukee Magazine: A case study in bad crisis communications

Posted:November 18, 2017 | Tags: PR, social media, Crisis Communications, media, Milwaukee Magazine. magazines, Quad Graphics, Milwaukee. racism, segregation

(I published this article October 10, 2017 on LinkedIn.)

As a good business practice, PR experts urge businesses to have crisis communications plans in place well in advance of a crisis occurring. This is useful guidance for all forms of businesses, including the media. Yes, even the media needs solid crisis communications plans. Whether they are newspapers, TV stations, digital platforms or magazines…they all need to know in advance what they will do if faced with a crisis. One can assume...

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Once again, marketing optics lack cultural sensitivity

Posted:September 4, 2017 | Tags: PR, Fashion, Diversity, Marketing, Milwaukee Magazine, Prison Orange, Black Cat Alley, Milwaukee, Public Relations

(Cover Image Credit: Milwaukee Magazine, Sept. 2017 issue)

This article was originally published August 31, 2017 by Clarene Mitchell on LinkedIn.

Despite blowback the marketing industry received after the failed Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad earlier this year, and countless other examples, the industry continues to be tone deaf and culturally aloof. A current case point example is a feature article in the September 2017 issue of Milwaukee Magazine on an upcoming fashion week. Instead of having...

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Arguing the Value of an All-Black Press

Posted:August 2, 2017 | Tags: Black Media, Newspapers, Journalism, Black Press, Freedom's Journal, Black Newspapers, Soldier's Without Swords

*Article originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of A Women's Thing magazine, edited by Rachel Hurn and Erin Wright*

In 1827, America viewed and treated Blacks as second class citizens. Advance the calendar to 2017. The status of African Americans has improved in some regards, but stark disparities remain and continue to worsen. The 2016 presidential election included a candidate whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” but truth be told, America has never been great for...

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The PR community is breathing a sigh of relief with Scaramucci's departure from White House

Posted:August 1, 2017 | Tags: PR, White House, Anthony Scaramucci, PRSA, Communications, Public Relations, Media Relations

Undoubtedly, more people were surprised by Anthony Scaramucci being appointed the White House Communications Director than his firing from the role on July 31st, just 10 days after his appointment. His firing prompted breaking news announcements and special reports by the TV networks. It will probably be a lead story in the next rounds of newspapers.

Scaramucci's short tenure in the West Wing generated a lot of news stories. It all started with his surprise appointment and seemingly...

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